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And isn't the corollary of

Robin Hood Gardens is actually a pair of luxury designer apartment blocks, masquerading as a sink housing estate

the fact that the 'luxury apartment blocks' that now surround Robin Hood Gardens are crap system-built council towers in disguise...?


The Ruth Hedge's piece from Blueprint is great. Some more choice quotes:

"The [Smithsons] would have been delighted to hear mothers describe how they leave doors open and spend the day outside, or going in and out of each other’s flats."

and this, regarding that 80% of residents voted for RHG to be demolished:

"Shopna Khan, 34, who lives with her husband and five children in a two-bedroom flat says that over-crowding and leaking were the main reasons people opted for demolition in a vote organised by English Partnership and Tower Hamlets. ‘Most of the vote that English Partnership got is because of over-crowding – people thought it would be a golden opportunity to be re-housed, and get a reasonably-sized house.’ "


But do they know that once they've rebuilt these new apartments, the same peole that voted for the demolition probably won't be able to afford the new 3000 unit complex units... politics.. its sad uh?


"Shopna Khan, 34, who lives with her husband and five children in a two-bedroom flat"

I'm sorry I can find no sympathy for that! It's called birth control and get a job!

What my concern is for the elderly that live there, because once this place is demolished do we really think they will be able to afford the new housing!?



What makes you think that neither Mrs Shopna or her husband has no job? Because they live in a council flat?

Your "poor people shouldn't be allowed to breed too much" argument is so abhorrent it hardly bears thinking about. Who gets to decide how many children you can have? State-enforced birth control - you're a hop and a skip away from advocating eugenics and forced sterilizations.

Or perhaps you're saying you should only have as many kids as can comfortably fit in your abode. Quick, hide kids, here comes the Childcatcher!

Social housing as social engineering? Hmmmm...

Part of the issue at Robin Hood Gardens is that the culture of many the people living there is to live in extended family units, with sometime 3 generations living in the same apartment.

Grown-up children often can't move out of the family home as they cannot afford to buy or rent and there is a chronic shortage of social housing.

The interview is saying that people voted to demolish Robin Hood Gardens because they were promised they would be rehoused in larger accomodation, rather than anything wrong per se with RHG itself.

That Ruth Hedges article in full:

Blair Geddes

Looking up interesting building designs on google and found your pictures of Robin hood Gardens... Very interesting design, love the photo angles!

Ben Lambert

Entertaining article if nothing else. Robin Hood would be turning in his grave!

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