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Those are inspired by japanese family crests http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mon_(crest). Maybe the London burroughs also could use symbols inspired by western heraldic crests (some of them actually do).

mario b.

vid. lance wyman's 1968 scheme for the mexico city metro stations. friggin love these

mario b.

sorry, this link is more informative

Zachary Vishanoff

Nike is tearing down my neighborhood to build a branded Nike-urbanism development. I have posted six videos at Youtube about the problem. To find the videos use the search at the Youtube website with keywords:nike university of oregon.


For some inspired medieval city-quarter branding, check out the Sienese contrade:


Dan Bissonnet

Interesting idea - the Tokyo flags actually strike me as quite military: like insignia for divisions of an army.

The borough boundaries are so broad in London that it's hard to feel passionate about them. A while ago, I played around with this idea on a smaller level; producing a few logos for some of the neighbourhoods around south London.


Interesting ideas Dan, though I think that you're falling into the trap of trying to represent an essence of each of the neighbourhoods in the logo itself. I think this can lead to the jumble of logos that the London Boroughs currently have. The alternative approach is to create a strong typographic language/ iconography which then helps define the identity of the area it represents.

Of course, if you're Lance Wyman, you might be able to pull off an identity which does both, as he did in Mexico, as mentioned by Mario B above.

Stay tuned for the second part of Branding the Boroughs, soon.


a year later - your post is up on the Conran blog!

Samuel Brooks

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