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Could this be due to the hexagonal shape of the ISS Cuppola? It's made of 6 identical windows, with one additional central window?


Image of the Cuppola window here...



Thanks for the comments Thisnorthernboy. I think the hexagon lens flare is caused by the camera lens rather than the shape of the cupola window, a six-bladed aperture gives the hexagon shaped flare.


Hi, long time no talk. You might appreciate an article I just translated from the Russian of the German architect Bruno Taut, regarding his intervention into the whole Soviet urbanist/disurbanist debate. He engages the theories of Leonid Sabsovich, Mikhail Okhitovich, Aleksandr Zelenko, and Aleksandr (brother of Boris) Pasternak. You can read it here:

"The Disintegration of the City"

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