London Loves Lawn 2

Trafalgar turf
[photo from Flickr user Tanya N.]

Trafalgar turf
[photo from Flickr user Glediator.]

Following the recent greening of the flytower at National Theatre by artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, the next London landmark to get the turf treatment is Trafalgar Square.

For two days, Nelson will be looking down over 2000 square metres of lawn across the square. The turf, sourced from the Vale of York, is designed to evoke the feeling of a village green. Pimms and picnic baskets will be on sale.

Geoff at BldgBlog nails it thusly:

"You [could] swap landscapes, installing Trafalgar Square somewhere in the Vale of York to promote urban spaces and cities in the local farmland. "

I'm off and taking my cricket set.

UPDATE on Flytower:
There is a timelapse video of the installation of the, erm, installation on the National Theatre site

More information of Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey