Related to the previous post [https://newsfeed.kosmograd.com/khidekel/] on Lazar Khidekel, the artist Mikhail Karasik has created a limited edition artist's book titled Homage to Khidekel [http://mikhailkarasik.com/


Earlier this year, Floating Worlds and Future Cities [http://russianamericanculture.com/events/exhibitions/floating-worlds-and-future-cities-the-genius-of-lazar-khidekel-suprematism-and-the-russian-avant-garde/] , an exhibition and symposium in New York, brought into focus the largely forgotten figure of Lazar Khidekel [http://www.

Red Mars 3

As the Curiousity mission to Mars nears the Red Planet, another venture, Mars One [http://mars-one.com/], aims to build a permanent settled colony on Mars by 2023. They make it sound so


Finishing this week is Thomas Ruff's exhibition ma.r.s. [http://www.gagosian.com/exhibitions/thomas-ruff--march-08-2012-2] at the Gagosian gallery on Brittania Street. The exhibition features a series of large C-prints