Team Helsinki

London 2066
[London 2066, as painted by Zaha Hadid]

Things have been a little quite here on the Kosmograd Newsfeed recently. One of the reasons for this was that I was working on the Team Helsinki submission for the Greater Helsinki Vision 2050 ideas competition.

It was an interesting project to work, both in terms of the subject - reimagining Helsinki in 2050, as well as working collaboratively online, making use of tools such as a blog, Google groups etc.

The Team has a blog at:

Some of my posts have looked at urban visions of the future in other cities:

New York 2106
London 2071
London 2066
Tokyo Fibercity 2050

Other posts have explored a range of themes, some of which fed into the final proposal:

Modern movements in Mass Transit
Real Time Rome
Car free Helsinki
City as Playground
City as Operating System

As it is an anonymous competition it's not appropriate to discuss our proposal here at the moment. Once the competion results have been announced I'll be able to post more details.