This is not architecture


Inspired by the rant at BldgBlog about architectureal criticism, here are some more things that may or not be architecture:

Projections and illuminated signage, translucent materials, desert land art, graffiti and stencil art, The Incredibles, Lego, SketchUp, Google Earth, Google Maps, Iain Sinclair books, psychogeography, Neuromancer, billboards, mega-projects, the works of Paul Virilio, disurbanism, Judge Dredd - the boardgame, Sim City, Mikhail Okhitovich, Established & Sons, Mir space station, post-urbanism, The Fountainhead, Apple computer, giant squid and other cephalopods, Baikonur/Kosmograd, 'elephant cage' listening posts, exurbia, Maunsell towers, Chek Lap Kok Airport, Blade Runner, Times Square at night, War in the Age of Intelligent Machines, the work of Italo Calvino, garden centers, garden cities, Sealand, Kathryn Gustafson's Diana, Princess of Wales memorial fountain, the work of Martha Schwartz, situationism, the work of Adriaan Geuze and West8, The Swimmer, Prada, the M25, Starbucks' "the third place", Tesco's, Poundbury, origami, topology, suburban sprawl, big-box reuse, moons of Saturn, green-belt, pop surrealism, brownfield sites, Thames Gateway, Wipeout 2097, airport car-parks, Broadacre City, shipping container architecture, Wembley Stadium, the Olympic Games, the Millau Viaduct bridge.

You could also take this to be a pretty good depth of field for Kosmograd over the coming months.

[Image is cover of Envane by Autechre, just because, really.]

[first posted May 22, 2006]