Cities and Cosmonauts 2

Jeremy Geddes paintings/

Jeremy Geddes paintings

The theme of the Lost Cosmonaut has been a continuing inspiration for the artist Jeremy Geddes.

In a series of paintings, Geddes explores the romance and the desolation of the cosmonaut, floating in space, or crashed to Earth. The figure of the Cosmonaut is often placed in a deserted urban setting.

Jeremy Geddes paintings

There's a line from the Silver Jews song People which goes:

"People send people up to the moon, when they return well there isn't much, people be careful not to crest too soon.".

Many astronauts, most well documented being the Apollo astronauts who went to the moon, could never reconcile their lives afterwards and depression and alcoholism were commonplace, and Neil Armstrong became a recluse. Many Soviet cosmonauts experienced similar post-mission trauma, including Yuri Gagarin.

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If cosmonaut art is your thing you should also check out this series by Justin Van Genderen, beautiful montages inspired by the Soviet space program.

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